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 Write Your Book in 20 Minutes

A Writing Workshop with Eva Shaw, Ph.D.

Assemble your memoir, brainstorm for a novel, organize all thats essential for a nonfiction book in just 20 minutes?  Impossible?  No, you can capture everything thats important in the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee.  No kidding. 

Whether youre an emerging writer or a seasoned pro, the methods shared in this quality, instructional DVD will assist in all your writing.  Eva Shaw calls it the bubble method, and works for life stories, novels, how-to books, articles, essays and short stories.  The applications are amazing.

Its never been easier to be a creative writer when you follow Eva presenting the methods at a writing workshop.  Buy it and host a writing workshop for yourself or friends.

The DVD covers how to:

Outline everything that's important (it's easy)
Work up sure-fire brainstorming methods
Zero in on marketable book ideas that editors will snap up
Format chapters and subchapters
Produce characters with spark, personalities and quirks
Create sizzling plot lines and page-turning drama
Capture extra minutes to launch your career
Bonus Q&A

Ghostwriter and Online Writing Professor, Eva has shared this powerful tool with more than 50,000 writers at conferences and classes.  They're published writers and you can be too with this DVD and the techniques you'll learn.  Instantly create your book and make it marketable with this 60 minute DVD.

The book is available from Amazon.com and Writeriffic Publishing Group.

ISBN: 978-0-9705758-5-8
Price: $19.95

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