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What To Do When A Loved One Dies
In 1971, my mother died in my arms.  It wasn’t inspirational; it was terrifying.  I felt completely helpless, sick physically and emotionally.

The shock and grief for those who are no longer in my life, including my dear mother, have now turned to memories. These are memories that I’m grateful to have even though at times, they make me feel sad.  If someone you loved has recently died that might sound preposterous, but it will happen with time.

If you have recently experienced death, you know it’s impossible to prepare.  Yet with the information within these pages, you should be able to handle the situation.  In a difficult time, this book can help.

Reading and applying the material will help you get through the experience of death and perhaps make the road a little smoother.  With the information you can get a “handle” on the pain. Any death hurts, including that of a cherished family pet, as discussed in chapter 10. There’s no quick fix for grief, yet there are ways to help you heal even in the worst of times.  Having this book as a resource is like being with a sensitive and trusted friend.  You are not alone.

This book will help you understand what’s going on “inside,” as well as how to cope with and work with the external changes brought on by the death of someone you loved.

Let this book be your guide.  It tells you What to Do When a Loved One Dies.

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ISBN: 0-97057583-1
408 pages
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Price: $24.95 soft-cover

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