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Shovel It: Nature’s Health Plan

Shovel It: Nature's Health Plan

Shovel It: Nature’s Health Plan is the gardener’s best-kept secret to a good life is out and doctors agree.

"Get gardening to cope with life-changing ordeals such as death, avert a heart attack, lower blood pressure, cut bad cholesterol. Gardening can help you heal, strengthen bones, deal with chronic fatigue syndrome, reduce the need for anti-depressants and painkillers and cope with stress. Find peace, health and happiness in your own backyard," says Dr. Eva.

It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s right for everyone. Combining cutting-edge medical research and gardening secrets for the first time, Dr. Eva shares Shovel It: Nature’s Health Plan. Simple and guaranteed to be effective, the system works. And it’s fun.

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ISBN: 0-9705758-0-7
256 pages
7 1/2" x 9"
Price: $15.95

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