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Games of the Heart

Games of the Heart

"What a fun read!  Eva Shaw blends strong characters with an insightful, contemporary Christian message weaving in this beguiling mystery/romance.  Games of the Heart showcases her oh-so-readable style." 
Debbie Macomber - #1 NYT Bestselling Author

Games of the Heart
A novel
By Eva Shaw

Meet Pastor Jane Angieski.  Raised by her grandfather, Jane is a thirty-ish self-confessed, plus-size buttinski (loopy, snoopy, and curious).  Jane's a coffee aficionada and a chocoholic, appearing anything but pious, which contributes to regular calamities.

In the comedy/mystery Jane becomes embroiled in illegal adoptions of handicapped Polish babies, organized by a U.S. faith-based, non-profit foundation.  She is determined to stop the monsters from selling and reselling babies and she does.  Subplots revolve around sex slaves, black- and gray-market babies through a supposedly Christian-based non-profit PSA, and gambling preachers that invade Janes cluttered, chaotic and confused life.  Then there's a local police captain for romantic tension and abduction by the FBI.

The eBook and Soft Cover book is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

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