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Doubts of the Heart

Doubts of the Heart


   What if someone begged: "Please find Daddy's killer." The voice was just above a whisper, but Nica Dobson knew it was a desperate cry for help.

Doubts of the Heart
A novel
By Eva Shaw

Once an undercover FBI consultant on medical leave, Nica understands breast cancer has changed her and for the first time in her life, she's afraid. However, with the pleading call for help, she becomes embroiled in treachery, death threats, ugly deceptions, political mudslinging and double-dealing worthy of The Sopranos, CSI and Law & Order. How are is this new Christian willing to go even as a mysterious force in the island underworld is determined to whip her off the planet?

Some say, "No good deed goes unpunished." What could be so wrong with asking questions about the suspicious death of rocker from the eighties and his connection to a penniless and terminally ill school teacher? It all seems like random acts of chaos until Nica is forced to depend on her high school, Payton Yu, who like in the old days thinks he can charm or cheat his way into her heart, her bed and as the next governor of Hawaii.

"Doubts of the Heart had me holding my breath through its twists and turns. By the time you're at the last page you'll be an Eva Shaw fan." "Like I am," says nationally recognized comedy writer Martha Bolton and author of Josiah for President.

Being a Good Samaritan has never been more complicated, especially when that requires digging up dangerous secrets that could destory a powerful, old moneyed Hawaiian family and their ruthless matriarch.

Here's the bottom line: Would you risk your life to do the right thing? Bring the question up in your next Bible study or just ask Nica Dobson about that.

The eBook and Soft Cover book is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

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