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Meet Eva Shaw, Ph.D.

Look for the word prolific in a dictionary and one of the definitions will be Eva Shaw. Check best selling and award winning, too. Youll see Evas name there as well.

As an author and ghostwriter, she has produced more than 70 books, which have garnered rave reviews and won prestigious awards. Her articles have appeared in those national magazines you see at the supermarket and scores of others. At last count, she has written more than one thousand articles. With this impressive publishing record, some writers might slow down. Not Eva. New books are underway and articles are being published monthly.

Eva is a lively, engaging, and highly sought-out speaker. At conferences and events throughout the United States, her presentations draw standing-room-only crowds who seek her advice on writing and publishing. Unlike other well-published writers, Eva happily shares the tricks of the trade and how you, too, can become as abundantly creative. With the sure-fire steps she outlines, every writer can be published.

Check the endorsements in her books. Your peers praise this gifted writing teacher. Thousands have taken her writing classes and they are living their dreams. They are published writers because they have taken Evas advice, read her books on writing, and enrolled in her courses.
Eva teaches writing with Education To Go, www.ed2go.com.  Her unbeatable, economical online classes are so popular that they are offered at 2000 colleges and universities worldwide. The courses are:Travel Writing, The Craft of Magazine Writing, Write Your Life Story and Writeriffic: Creativity Training For Writers.  For the advanced creative writer, she has recently updated Make Money From Your Writing which includes special emphasis on ghostwriting, connecting with agents and publishers, and making money as a writer. 
Eva's latest books are:
Doubts of the Heart.  Once an undercover FBI consultant on medical leave, Nica understands breast cancer has changed her and for the first time in her life, she's afraid. However, with the pleading call for help, she becomes embroiled in treachery, death threats, ugly deceptions, political mudslinging and double-dealing worthy of The Sopranos, CSI and Law & Order. How are is this new Christian willing to go even as a mysterious force in the island underworld is determined to whip her off the planet?
Ghostwriting: The Complete Guide.  Filled to overflowing, this handbook gives all the information needed to boost your career in the lucrative field of ghostwriting.  You'll learn how to get clients and market yourself without spending a dime, create a thriving business, earn more money than you thought possible, and build a platform for your writing, regardless of the genre.  The book is available directly from Writeriffic Publishing and Amazon.
Games of the Heart.  This comedy/mystery novel is filled with eccentric, quirky characters, rollicking who-done-what-to-whom-and-why themes with issues snatched from today's headlines.  The star is a plus-size itinerant minister, Pastor Jane Angieski.  She's a thirty-ish self-confessed buttinski with a love for coffee and all things chocolate who acts anything but pious, which contributes to regular calamities.  The eBook is available from Amazon, Crimson Romance Books, Barnes & Noble and iTunes.com.
Writeriffic II: Creativity Training For Writers.  In a friendly, journal/workbook format, it's filled with all new writing exercises to enhance your creativity.  This is a totally revised edition and practical nuts and bolts advise.  Writeriffic II is available directly from Writeriffic Publishing and Amazon.
For more information about Eva Shaw, Ph.D., her classes and books, please visit www.evashaw.com.
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